Local sponsors and MobyMax partner to find and fix learning gaps.

Trusted by over 1 million teachers, MobyMax is the only edtech product that works with local sponsors to automatically diagnose missing skills and assign targeted lessons.

Becoming a sponsor includes:

  • The best way to reach local parents
  • Sponsorships start as low as $495
  • Sponsorship ads delivered by mobile app, web portal, and email
  • Choose your schools
  • Limited advertising slots for a school
  • Your ads sponsor student rewards and motivation
  • Social media gold! Thank you notes from students, teachers, and parents

Reach parents in their child’s daily work.

Your sponsorship ads are displayed side-by-side with the child’s Daily Report Card and Progress Reports. Your message is viewed by parents through the lens of trust and gratitude for helping their child’s school success.

Sponsor the teacher’s magic motivator.

Reward Challenges create successful schools. Paid directly to teachers, Reward Challenges are the ultimate student motivator. Students enthusiastically complete their work to help their class earn their weekly Reward Challenge.

Help close the learning gap for all.

The pandemic saw math and reading scores plummet and they have hit their lowest scores in decades. But with your business sponsorship supporting a four prong approach – student motivation, parent participation, teacher incentives, and research-proven practice – learning gaps can be closed within one year.

Trusted by over 1 million teachers.

MobyMax is the best, most used supplemental program in the country. MobyMax has won more curriculum and technology awards than any other company each year for the last 10 years. Teachers love to use MobyMax from math fact practice to placement tests.

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Your sponsorship ads will be seen by parents in the new school year starting after August 1, 2024. A limited number of sponsorship ads are available for each school, so claim your industry exclusive on a student report now! There is absolutely no risk with the MobyMax Sponsorship Guarantee.