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School Sponsorship The Best Way to Reach Local Parents


$495 per schoolwide sponsorship.

We are well into this school year, so we are filling spots for this upcoming school year at a 50% discount. Be sure not to delay. The spots are filled quickly. Your sponsorship will go live on August 15, 2024.

No-Risk Promise

The sponsorships work so well that we have a “no-risk promise.” We promise the sponsorship will bring in enough new customers to cover the cost. If it doesn’t, we will give you a full refund.


We guarantee your sponsorship will be delivered 5,000 times to the parents.

What’s Included Your sponsorship will be delivered 5,000 times to the parents and be shown in all of these places!

Daily Report Card

Each day, students are completing Math and ELA problems and at the same time earning a Class Reward (Glow Sticks, Slime, Cookies, Popcorn) that is sponsored by you.

At the end of the day, each parent is sent a daily report card so they can see exactly how many problems were completed, how many skills were passed, and which skills their child needs help on.

Parents never want to miss this daily report card and love to see that you are helping the classroom by sponsoring a Class Reward.

Grade Level Progress Reports

Teachers frequently send Grade Level Progress Reports to keep parents informed about their children’s overall progress. Every time teachers print or email a Grade Level Progress Report, your sponsorship will be included.

Encouragement Reports

During the week, teachers send encouraging “vibes” to students with motivating notes, such as “Great job on your addition facts today.” At the end of the week, these vibes are compiled into a weekly report and sent to the parents by email. Your sponsorship will be included on this report.

Parent Portal

Parents can check on student work, grade level progress, and more in real-time with the Parent Portal. Your sponsorship will be shown each time parents log in to the Parent Portal.

About MobyMax

MobyMax is trusted by over 1 million teachers to help close student learning gaps. MobyMax has won more curriculum and technology awards than any other EdTech company each year for the last 10 years. Teachers love to use MobyMax for everything from math fact practice to phonics assessments.

MobyMax is an invaluable supplement for addressing learning gaps in my students. It allows me to customize instruction for each student, closing gaps and monitoring progress effectively. It’s adaptive features ensure personalized learning experiences, contributing significantly to my students’ academic advancement. Their customer service is always willing to help!

Wahoo! MobyMax is so engaging for students! My students are enjoying weekly minute competitions, working hard, and exceeding their times.

MobyMax is a great supplement to help students with gaps in their math learning. Students start with a placement test to see what their level is and after that, MobyMax will start them in skills that they may need a tutorial on. The students want a tutorial, and then practice the skill with immediate feedback, showing them whether they answer is right or wrong. If wrong the tutorial will show and explain to the students what they answered along with how to get the correct answer. I like it because each student can be working on an area that they either need more review and practice with or other skills that are new to them. Students who have mastered skill don’t need to be working on those types of problems and move onto others. MobyMax is great.